September 2023 Pupdate for Ari

Posted 9/21/2023

Ari is so sweet and tries his hardest everyday. He continues to love cuddling, gently put his front paws on his instructors arms, and leaning against his handlers for calm, gentle pets. Ari continues to love foster care and is the perfect house guest; his favorite part is when their grandchild come over who offer him endless petting and cuddles.

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Ari, a petite male Golden Retriever, is sitting in front of a large wooden sign with the Guide Dogs for the Blind logo on it. He is wearing his harness and looking at the camera with his mouth open that makes it appear he is smiling.
Ari is on his side with his head and paws in the air that allows his belly to be available for petting. The picture is taken from his handler's point of view. Ari is laying away from his handler, in between their legs which can be seen on either side and the handler's hand can be seen scratching his belly in the foreground.