September 2023 Pupdate for Figgy

Posted 9/21/2023

Figgy is such a beautiful girl who has won the hearts of many! Figgy loves spending time anyone - CWTTs and other dogs. She loves playing with her friends in community run and has enjoyed having roommates. She currently is roommates with a female yellow Labrador Retriever and they have a great time together!

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A portrait of Figgy, a female yellow long-coated Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever cross. She is sitting looking at the camera. The background is gray with a green GoughNut toy behind her.
Figgy is playing in the concrete community run area with an orange z-shaped tug toy. She is looking to her right at the toy on the ground and has her right paw lifted to paw at the toy. There is concrete and cyclone fencing in the background with yellow kennel tags hanging on the fence.