September 2023 Pupdate for Freebird

Posted 9/21/2023

Happy Fall from Freebird! She is enjoying hanging out and chewing bones with her roommate, and figuring out how to pose for pics! She's excited that it's fall so the weather can cool down and she can enjoy naps on the heated floors with the CWTTs. Freebird is so joyful and happy every time she sees someone, and especially loves practicing her basic obedience and showing off how smart she is. Thanks for raising such a great pup!

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A female black lab sits on a blue karunda bed in the kennels. She is looking up just to the right of the camera with her mouth open in a big smile. The kennel door can be seen in the background.
A black lab trots down a set of blue plastic steps towards the camera in the community run yard. She has a serious face and is ready to be rewarded with a kibble! Various other colored structures can be seen behind her, with the fence in the background.