September 2023 Pupdate for Gabby

Posted 9/21/2023

Gabby has been continuing her hearing dog training. We started noticing that sometimes she noticed the sound and responded enthusiastically, and other times looked to us for a cue or help responding to the sound. We have a need for mobility-assist service dogs, so we decided to add these behaviors to her training as well. She has started working next to a wheelchair and learning a formal retrieve, tug, and push. She enjoys all the extra work so far! She has also been back in the classroom with high school students a few times a week since school started back mid-August. She is a favorite of many and keeps us laughing with her antics and exuberance. She also has a devoted evening and weekend foster home who brag about her every chance they get!

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Yellow Lab Gabby lies on the floor in a classroom while being pet by a female student holding her leash and wearing a black shirt and a bait bag.
Yellow Lab Gabby eagerly chews on a bone held in her paws while lying on a patterned carpet under a table.