September 2023 Pupdate for Hattie

Posted 9/21/2023

Hattie is back to campus for training! Hattie is an affectionate, attentive female golden retriever who really enjoys being out and about with her primary handler. Aside from being objectively pretty, Hattie takes her job seriously, and is a thoughtful guide who is always fun to be around.

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Hattie is pictured in harness, sitting on an older wooden bridge staring at her handler. Her light coat is glowing in the sun, and there are blue skies and large green trees in the background.
Hattie is pictured in our community run area, located in our kennels. She is sitting on a large blue furniture item, smiling at the camera as the sun shines down on her making her appear bright light yellow. There are jolly ball toys located in the background.