September 2023 Pupdate for Heirloom

Posted 9/21/2023

Heirloom made her way to Texas with us and after getting to know her a bit, we decided to change her name to Nyx. We auditioned a few names, but she responded most promptly and positively to Nyx, so it stuck. As we are getting to know her, it is clear she loves to work and train and is happy to keep going! Her advanced work is just getting started by shaping an alert behavior. She will learn to nudge us with her nose to alert us to a sound or a scent. We are so grateful for the chance to bring Nyx into our program. Thank you so much for all the time, effort, and love you put into raising her!

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Black Lab Heirloom/Nyx lies under a seat between her trainer's legs on a plane while wearing a Gentle Leader and looking at the camera.
Black Lab Heirloom/Nyx sits at the airport, tilting her head and wearing a red and blue