September 2023 Pupdate for Houston

Posted 9/21/2023

Houston continues to be a favorite on campus. He knows how to make everyone feel special; for example he loves running around with the other dogs in community run, but makes sure to stop by for cuddles with his instructors every few minutes so they feel "loved" too. He has enjoyed having a roommate and spending lots of time on tie down in the center section chewing on an array of bones. He gives the best snuggles/hugs and is very patient when waiting for his turn for a campus walk.

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Houston is sitting on a wood covered bridge. The sides of the bridge are red. He is wearing his harness and looking at the camera.
Houston is laying with his head down on a dog bed in the center section in the training kennel. The picture is taken on the Houston's level, only being able to see his head and tail that is blurry due to being in motion from wagging. He is surrounded by variety of bones including 3 brown Nyla bones and a bone that looks like broccoli. The dog bed has zoo animals on it including elephants, zebras, lions, crocodiles, and toucans.