September 2023 Pupdate for Manzanita

Posted 9/21/2023

Happy September from Manzanita! She is currently deciding if she likes being called “Manzie” or “Zita” more (we have gotten the tail wag of approval for both!). She has been a BIG fan of anything that involves kibble, such as patterning, obedience, and guide work! After routes, her favorite thing to do is parade around a toy to celebrate a job well done. Thank you for raising Manzanita!!

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An adorable female yellow lab, Manzanita, is sitting proudly on a cement sidewalk. She is wearing her brown guide dog harness and is smiling. There are trees and buildings in the background.
Female yellow lab, Manzanita, has her two front paws up on a log shaped play structure. She is looking up, smiling big for the camera! Underneath her is green artificial turf. There are a few bright orange traffic cones in the background. Manzanita is off leash in one of our fenced in free run areas.