September 2023 Pupdate for Pretoria

Posted 9/21/2023

Pretoria is such a well-behaved, sweet girl! She is such a good girl, but gets the best wiggles when a toy or her friends come to play! Pretoria enjoys community run and having a roommate to play and hangout with. Right now, her roommate is a female Golden Retriever. Pretoria is a joy to have!

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A portrait of Pretoria, a female yellow Labrador Retriever, sitting on a blue/gray floor, with a blue/gray wall in the background. There are yellow, red, and white Nylabones behind her. She is looking up at the camera, with a small amount of the whites at the bottom of her eyes showing.
Pretoria runs towards the camera in the concrete community run area with an orange z-shaped tug toy in her mouth. Her ears are out, flapping in the wind and her back feet are off the ground. There is cyclone fencing and colorful play structures behind her. There is a red hose coiled on the ground below her.