September 2023 Pupdate for Reginald

Posted 9/21/2023

Reginald continues to keep a smile on our faces each day with his silly antics. He is so proud of himself when he targets curbs or doors for his trainer, and excitedly wags his tail whenever he's told he's a good boy. This month he's worked with some new handlers in a variety of new places. He settles well in public and certainly makes good use of his playtime. He loves to zoom around with his toys!

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Yellow lab Reginald sits in harness in front of a spray painted mural of a map of San Francisco. The mural has a pink background and all the neighborhood names written stylistically to match the shape of the neighborhood on the map. He is looking at the camera with his mouth open and his tongue hanging out to one side.
Yellow lab Reginald play bows in community run with a red Jolly Ball in his mouth. He is surrounded by Nylabones