April 2024 Pupdate for Fran

Posted 4/18/2024

We’re no stranger to April showers here in Oregon, but our favorite one was the shower of hugs and wags from Fran all month long! This little girl’s spark couldn’t be dampened, even with the amount of rain this spring in Portland. She has kept her head up through thick and thin, leading by example to show us how to be proud of our work. And in off-time, her true personality reminds us just how important a work-life balance is. We love to watch Fran learn about the world.

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Fran, a small female yellow lab, sits in her GDB harness on a street edge covered in fallen pink flower pedals. She looks up at the camera.
Fran, a small female yellow lab, stands atop a red and green plastic play structure. With the perspective from below the structure looking up, she holds a bone proudly in her mouth with a blue sky and tall trees in the background.