January 2024 Pupdate for Gabby

Posted 1/18/2024

Gabby is back at it this week after a holiday break with her foster home. They enjoyed having Gabby and expressed how much they would miss having her during the day. In December, Gabby did a service dog demo at our holiday party/open house. She worked beautifully next to the wheelchair and showcased her retrieves. She ended up tugging a laundry basket all across the stage. She loves the tug behavior! In her last month with us before placement we are just tweaking behaviors here and there, and engraining her responses even when food is not available.

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Yellow Lab Gabby demonstrates her retrieve by holding a pair of brown sunglasses.
Yellow Lab Gabby attends a gift-wrapping event and wears a red service dog vest and a red bow on her head while holding wrapping paper and standing on a blue pedestal. Her trainer and a beagle are in the background.