March 2024 Pupdate for Fran

Posted 3/21/2024

Springing into March, Fran is soaking up the rare Oregon sunshine and we love how the rays bounce off of her shiny coat! She’s had a blast this month exploring new and exciting places in and around Portland. She’s made some lifelong friends in the kennels and is inseparable from her roommate; too cute! “Fran”-kly, this dog is loving to learn her job, and she’s having fun right alongside us!

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Female yellow lab, Fran, stands atop a dark green plastic play structure in one of our community run areas. She looks at the camera and licks her nose with a curled tongue.
Female yellow lab, Fran, lays down on a sidewalk in her GDB harness. She looks at the camera with a slight head tilt and her mouth held open as if to say “Hey!”. Green foliage is out of focus in the background.